Game of Throne Apparel: Dynamic Design House Review

Good Morning fellow Game of Thrones lovers welcome back to My Baby Onesies where I review and find great online stores for Game of Thrones Baby Clothing. I hope everybody had a wonderful Memorial Day and really got the time they needed to spend with their families. As everybody knows Father’s Day is right around the corner along with the summer birthday’s, weddings, baby showers and more. Since so many events are coming up, I wanted to help you guys get in front of the curb. I know I said I was going to come back next week and review Amazon, but I found Etsy has more unique items. In this next review I will be looking for the pros and cons of this new shop I find. Hopefully this shop has some cool unique Game of Thrones baby clothing.

You guys tell me what Game of Thrones Lover wouldn’t want a G.O.T themed wedding or baby shower gift? I would lose my mind if my best friend got me a G.O.T baby blanket so me and my little one could have even more in common. I can see it now my little buddy and I bundled up in a cozy rocking chair while I read A Song of Ice and Fire to my daughter for her to sleep to. Now I know that’s a little extreme, but you can’t blame me for dreaming. Let me stop wasting time and get right into the meat of the day. I will also let a link to the shop at the bottom. Let Do This!

About Dynamic Design House

Jeff and Gina started Dynamic Design House In 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. Their shop includes Custom T-Shirts, Bags, Onesies and More. Jeff and Gina have been together for 4 years, and ever since the day they met, Gina was a huge crafting enthusiast. Years ago, for Gina’s birthday Jeff bought her a heat press. Sometime after that fateful birthday she decided that they should open up their own Etsy shop. One day Jeff’s brother had his first child and decided to search high and low on Etsy for the funniest onesies he could find. In that moment Jeff and Gina decided to make onesies and shirts their main focus in the beginning! Now they sale different and unique items people love. From Game of Thrones Themed Items to Harry Potter and Mickey Mouse there is a vast selection of items plus themes.

The Pro To Shopping With Dynamic Design House 

One of the Pros to this shop that I saw right off the bat is their cover image. The Image is filled with happy customers sporting Dynamic Design House Gear. This cover image is so inviting that you cannot help but feel welcome. In having this image up the owners Jeff and Gina let you know their services are legit and something you and your family can enjoy. Another pro that I saw is that their review rating are, 4.5 out of 5 stars and there are also 1015 reviews. No fate shop owner will take the time to do that many reviews.

The next pro to DDH is that they have such a good amount of variety in each category. Their Game of Thrones section has cute onesies, ornaments, adult T-shirts and they do have a great size select as well. It is so great to see a shop that truly has some time variation in each section of their shop. The last Pro to this shop that I feel is a must for any shop is to have clear information about your services. There have been times when I have visited an Etsy shop and the shop information wasn’t very clear on how I will get my item or what was included in my purchase. Ultimately, I decided to leave that shop and go with another shop. As an online shopper you have to look at the shop as a whole and not just the products. If the shop doesn’t look right or feel like its legit you are never obligated to buy, or even ask the owner a question.

The Cons To Shopping With Dynamic Design House 

One of the cons I first noticed about this shop is that it doesn’t have a full page of Game of Throne baby clothing. On Etsy most of the time you’re not going to find a shop that just has one theme because that can hurt their business, so I get why there is more of a variation. I just wish that since they chose such a highly rated book/show they would have more in this section.

Another con I found was that they don’t accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations. But I do like that they tell clients “please contact me if you have any problems with your order”. By having this statement people know they can get help from the seller and that builds trust. The last thing I found was a con is that in some of the previous reviews I read through there seemed to shipping delays. Just like many people in the world I hate shipping delays especially if you’re on a time crunch. But I also advise people if you know your going out of town 2-3 months ahead please try to order at the earliest time. Shopping online means that there are going to be times when your order is delayed.


Dynamic Design House Is a great place to find unique baby clothing gifts, but I wouldn’t say they are the best Game of Thrones baby clothing shop. My main reason for saying this is because the shop doesn’t have many Game of Thrones Clothing for men, women, or children. DDH just didn’t have enough G.O.T wear for me to be able to recommend this shop. I really want to give you guys the ability to have many Game of Throne baby clothing choices. But if you guys still want to check out DDH I will leave a link at the bottom.

Alrighty my fellow Game of Thrones lovers the time has come again for me to say goodbye. I hope I provided you guys with some good information today. Hey maybe I even lead you guys to some good baby shower, or birthday gifts. Till next time you guys I am going back on the hunt for a better Game of Thrones baby store for you guys.

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Cute Baby Clothing: Game of Thrones Review

Hello fellow Game of Thrones Lovers welcome back to My Baby Onesies where we provide you guys with reviews and where to find the best Game of Thrones baby clothes. I hope that everybody got to Watch the last and final episode of Game of Thrones. I also hope everybody got to see the Game of Thrones: The Last Watch where the directors and producers show use also the behind the scenes work that make up our beloved Game of thrones.

Today we are going to review one of the top Etsy shops for great, high quality Game of Thrones baby clothing. We will also find out what are the pros and cons of shopping at this online store. Lastly there will be a link at the end of this post for you guys to go and check out the store if you like! Let’s not waste any more time and go ahead and dive into today’s topic.

Shower Time Baby Wear Overview

Open since 2015 Shower Time Baby Wear is a very cute and fun shop that sales a variation of baby clothing. Yes, they sale not just Game of Thrones baby wear, but they also sale Star Wars and more. Tote bags and twin sets are also on the list of baby wear they sale so if you don’t want just a onesie you can got for something else. They have also achieved five out of 5 stars over the past four years plus they have sold 12,241 items during this time period.

This small online shop of 255 Items is owned by a nice mom named Jessica in Catawissa, Pennsylvania. She is currently a 5th grade ELA teacher and pursuing a dream of running her own business. Her husband and four year old son help inspire some of her product ideas. They enjoy designing onesies that help clients celebrate their own special little ones!

Shopping With Shower Time Baby Wear Pros

One of the best pros to the shop is that there is a wide variety of baby onesies you can choose from! In addition, this shop also gives you the option for custom quotes added to your onesies. Another great pro to this shop is that has very affordable homemade products cause Normally homemade cost a lot of money. The next pro to this store is that they also provide the option of onesie twin sets. If your have twin and you need to onesies don’t worry the owner has you covered in this section.

The normally shipping time is also very good and fast so you will have your item in no time. Quality of each item is also seems to be in very good shape there are no loose edges and even if there are Jessica the owner is very helpful and communicative. She will find a way to make everything okay for any client. One of the final pros to shopping at this store is that the items looks exactly like the photo when it arrives. Lastly this Game of Throne baby wear is a great gift for first time parents that love the show.

Shopping With Shower Time Baby Wear Cons

The downside to Shower Time Baby Wear is that the sizes run from 0-24 month. In addition to that downside their sizes do run on the smaller side as well. I would advise you to please remember to place your orders a size larger so that you get the right size, or so that your little one can grow into it. Jessica does let you know this information before you order in the description box below. She will also answer any questions you may have just send her a quick message in the contact owner box in the upper right-hand side of the shop

Another con about the shop is that there are only eight Game of Thrones onesies in the store. But I must mention again these items are unique, cute and homemade Items. Anything that is homemade takes time and creativity to make, produce and market. Other than the cons above there is not much else that is bad about this store. Most of the people that have shopped at this store have loved the products that have arrived at their doors.


Now that we have gone through all the pros and cons to shopping online with Shower Time Baby Wear I believe it is a safe place to shop. Just like with any other online store you have to be aware that sometimes it will be a hit or a miss with shopping online. There will always be a risk and from I have seen with this store it is more of a hit. When you buy online you should always look at the reviews plus ask the seller questions if you have any before buying. Many people have reviewed Show Time Baby Wear and have loved to products that they have gotten. Also, what tells me that this shop is great is that the shop has many sales as well and I’m sure most people have looked at the review before buying. Overall, I don’t see any problems with this shop and if you do have problems with your purchase the seller will be there to talk to.

Thank you guys for visiting My Baby Onesies once again to check out my reviews and where to get great affordable Game of Thrones baby clothing. I just want to remind you guys feel free to comment, give suggestion, talk about your experiences on my website. Here at My Baby Onesies it’s a peaceful and judgement free space for you guys. Also, please stay tuned for next week’s review we will be seeing if amazon has better Game of Thrones baby clothing. We will also see what are some benefits to shopping online with Amazon as well. Peace and love my Game of Thrones lovers till next time. I’m signing off for my nights watch!

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Baby Clothing: Game Of Thrones series

Hello Friends welcome back to My Baby Onesies where we have the best unique baby onesies and the most fun conversations.This is a fun place to come chat and find fun baby clothing judgement free. As you guys must have guessed by the title today baby onesies topic/theme is Game Of Thrones. If you haven’t seen the show before here is a quick overview of the series.


HBO Brings to life George R.R. Martin’s best-selling book series “A Song of Ice and Fire” on to the big screen by telling a gut wrenching, epic, fantasy packed story that takes place in medieval times. The series plays out a time of two powerful families ( The Lannisters and The Starks) fighting for full control of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. Kings and queens, knights and renegades, liars and honest men are all playing a deadly and Deceiving game to win power and to ultimately sit on the Iron Throne.

Predictions for the Game of Thrones’ series finale

As we all know in the last episode “The Bells” kings landing was burned to ash due to Dany’s awoken rage and morning for best friend Missandei .The aftermath of this episode has left many characters dead and fans trying to figure out how will the producers bring this great series to an end. Who in this final season will win the deadliest of games and sit on the iron throne. Here are some of my predictions as to who will sit on the iron throne, if the throne stays intact.

Daenerys Assassination

All season the producers have been hinting to how Dany and Jon’s love story will end. Will Dany and Jon be the strong and noble couple everyone is rooting for, or will that relationship crash and burn. Well in the last episode Dany’s seals that fate for both her and Jon as she lays waste to kings landing. In this episode Jon is forced to come to the realization that Dany is much like her father, mad and overcome with blood-lust. As bodies fall in the crowd of men and women Jon looks around at the horror of kings landing and he sees his men, Grey Worm and most of all Dany destroying evil and innocent people alike. He knows in this moment that Dany and the Madness must be Stopped.

Here is my prediction for the finale: I strongly believe Jon, Arya and Sansa will plot and take down the mad queen. It only seems fitting that Arya will kill Dany not because she killed the Night King, but because she is the only one with the skills to do so. Arya has proven many times that her silent and patient method for killing is very efficient. She may go as far as to use deaths faces and come to Dany as her beloved friend Missandei. Dany is still grieving over the death of Missandei this will make her weak and over joyed to see her friend for the last time. This may have been cynical death for Dany, but it will have a kindness to it seeing that her best friend, someone who truly loved her, fought beside her will be the last face she sees.

As for Grey Worm I have a feeling he will meet deaths face by Jon’s hands. I imagine that Jon will find a way to lead Grey Worm away from Dany so Arya can strike, But while leading Grey Worm away Grey Worm senses something is off. There in that moment a fight burst out between Grey worm and Jon ultimately Jon impales Grey Worm in the Chest. Grey Worm slumps to the ground and the last thing he sees is Jon’s Back as he walks away into the night.

Now some people have are thinking that Tyrian will die as well, but I don’t believe that is the case. I believe in some way Tyrion will help Jon, Sansa and Arya kill Dany and Grey Worm. Tyrion has always have been good man, an honest man for the people he believed in. And in a weird way I believe Sansa and Tyrion will find some type of happiness with each other. There is something about this couple that tells me there story isn’t over yet.

Starks Take and Split Throne: A Council Begans

In the Aftermath of Daenarys and Grey Worms Death I Predict that Jon, Sansa, Bran and Arya will dissolve the Iron throne and move towards a more democratic future. Since Jon, Bran and Arya don’t want the throne splitting up the kingdom might be the best bet. Sansa is good women, but she doesn’t seem like the right fit for queen either. Arya, Sansa, Bran and Jon have all witnessed what having soul monarch has cause throughout the Game of Thrones history line. There has always been Destruction, chaos and people over throwing kings and queens due to there greed and hunger for power. But I predict that these siblings will learn from past rulers mistakes and begin a new era.

The Era of a Council to govern over the land of Westeros. This 8 panel Council will have these Starks Bran, Jon and Sansa since they are the most politically known Starks. Arya will not be on the council because it just doesn’t fit her character to will. Arya has never wanted to be in any part of the noble realm, but she maybe one of the generals in the army seeing that she is the best swordsman. Alongside Arya, Lady Brienne will also be another general because of her skills in battle. I also strongly believe that Tyrion will be a part of the council as well because he has proven to have been great adviser for the people he has advised. The rest of the panel will include new faces to help govern the lands of areas that no longer have leaders due to the past two battles.

Life After The Throne

I predict that Jon will stay and help govern the north while being a part of the new council. The north is where Jon choose to start his adult life so why not stay. He will man and help rebuild the ice wall along with the night watch just in case a new Night King arises. Since Jon has lost two loves in his life I don’t see getting married or having a family in the future. I I Believe he will have been great god father to Sams children and goofy pair of friends will stay fighting alongside each other. Maybe Sams future sons will join the nights watch as well when they come of age. While in the north Lady Brienne will also help defend the north alongside Jon, Sam and Tormund creating a full force against whatever decides to head there way.

Sansa started out wanted marriage, kids, being a noble woman, but I am sure somethings have changed for her over the years. Like all the characters in this series life has had a way of shaping each character and what they now value. I Definitely predict that Sansa will get married, have kids and she will be a part of the council governing part of the south. But I have a feeling she will only have a small part in the council because of all the issues she has dealt with in the past being royal. I am sure she will become more invested in her childrens lives. In addition, I see Tyrion and Sansa getting married again and truly coming together as a team. They have the most respect, trust and admiration towards each other which leads me to think there is more to there story that needs to play out.

Night King Killer, Arya Stark where oh where will she go? For sure Arya will not be queen because she has made it very clear that the life of a queen is not what she wants. But I do think she will for fill a past agreement that was made by her parents and Gendry’s parents. I Predict that Arya will get married to Gendry not because of there parents agreement, but because they have strong feelings for each other. All throughout this G.O.T we see these two grow and come closer together and I don’t think that’s going to just be simple over after a one time fling. Arya may have a hard exterior, but so does Gendry. Gendry brings out a more loving side to Arya and I’m sure she knows that as well. As for this pair having kids I don’t see that happening with these two they are already are very isolated pair that kids don’t make sense for them. They will live out there lives in the south preparing the southern force and keeping an eye on the lands.

Over the past week in mad anticipation for G.O.T series finale some people think Bran will become king, but I’m not so sure. Bran doesn’t seem like he wants to sit upon the throne either. For Bran I predict that he will not take the throne, but he will still be the three eyed raven. He will watch over the land and keep having visions to keep the seven kingdoms safe. This prediction brings me to my next thought that a council will be put into place and Bran will be upon that council as will Jon and Gendry. Like Jon, Bran will stay in the north and help Jon prepare for any future enemies coming there way.


I know my predictions are based off of how I feel the Game of Thrones characters will live and die. I want you guys to know you do not have to agree with me, I am not an expert just a lover of the G.O.T series. Everyone is welcome to come on this website and comment. I welcome all people to share what they think will be the ending for the Game of Thrones Series. This is a loving and understanding place for all people to share there thoughts. As for my thoughts on how the Game of Thrones series will end I predict the Starks will come through on top and divide the lands so that there is no more one ruler for all. Please Like, comment, and share, tell me if you guys like the content I am putting out here for you guys!

About Rianna

Hello friends welcome to The Hippie baby clothing website where you can find the most unique baby boy onesies. For as long as I could remember I have always has a passion for clothing and children. Last year I became the proud aunt of a  beautiful bouncing baby boy that I have the privilege of being with everyday.

Before my nephew was born I found myself buying a lot of baby clothing, but there were never really any unique baby boy onesies that I could find for my little buddy. I also realized I couldn’t find very many onesies that were in my nephews size. It seemed like everybody was having a baby boy at the same time and they had the same need for a cute onesies as well.

Over the past year I have learned where all the cute and unique onesies are online. And now I don’t have to visit a store or deal with searching through a million baby boy clothing to find the best onesies.

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When I was little there was not one second I didn’t have a pencil and paper in hand.  I would always draw clothing non-stop because I loved fashion. As I got older I add mixed media into my art, I learned how to build and construct garments, how to paint and more, but I always came back to fashion.

In my last two years of my college career I became very interested in baby clothing because all my girl friends where starting their own families at the time. It seemed like every week me and my friends were at the store looking for baby clothing. This is where I first began to see that there really weren’t any cute onesis for baby boys.


A Onesies For Boys.

In the clothing world baby clothing has changed so much from when I was little to now. People have truly become so much more creative in how they design clothing and what sex and age the clothing is for. You see so much variation in girls and boys clothing now. Just yesterday I saw a baby boy onesies shaped into a blue dinosaur with spikes all up the back of the onesies.

Clothing has changed so much for babies. It is also a great thing that the internet has made it easier and faster for people to get children’s clothing as well. You can find just about anything online and purchase it for your little one. I myself have bought a lot of baby body clothing over the year for my first nephew and every clothing search I have found something new online.


Purpose of Hippie Baby!

The goal here at Hippie baby is to make finding cute and unique baby boy onesies simple for you. I want to make searching for baby boy clothing as easy as I can. I know first hand how hard it is to find great baby boy onesies online. Now I want to give back by helping you my hippie friends find a fun and unique onesies for your little guy.  I want to cut out the hassle of you searching all through the web for the perfect baby boy onesies.

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