Game of Throne Apparel: Dynamic Design House Review

Good Morning fellow Game of Thrones lovers welcome back to My Baby Onesies where I review and find great online stores for Game of Thrones Baby Clothing. I hope everybody had a wonderful Memorial Day and really got the time they needed to spend with their families. As everybody knows Father’s Day is right around the corner along with the summer birthday’s, weddings, baby showers and more. Since so many events are coming up, I wanted to help you guys get in front of the curb. I know I said I was going to come back next week and review Amazon, but I found Etsy has more unique items. In this next review I will be looking for the pros and cons of this new shop I find. Hopefully this shop has some cool unique Game of Thrones baby clothing.

You guys tell me what Game of Thrones Lover wouldn’t want a G.O.T themed wedding or baby shower gift? I would lose my mind if my best friend got me a G.O.T baby blanket so me and my little one could have even more in common. I can see it now my little buddy and I bundled up in a cozy rocking chair while I read A Song of Ice and Fire to my daughter for her to sleep to. Now I know that’s a little extreme, but you can’t blame me for dreaming. Let me stop wasting time and get right into the meat of the day. I will also let a link to the shop at the bottom. Let Do This!

About Dynamic Design House

Jeff and Gina started Dynamic Design House In 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. Their shop includes Custom T-Shirts, Bags, Onesies and More. Jeff and Gina have been together for 4 years, and ever since the day they met, Gina was a huge crafting enthusiast. Years ago, for Gina’s birthday Jeff bought her a heat press. Sometime after that fateful birthday she decided that they should open up their own Etsy shop. One day Jeff’s brother had his first child and decided to search high and low on Etsy for the funniest onesies he could find. In that moment Jeff and Gina decided to make onesies and shirts their main focus in the beginning! Now they sale different and unique items people love. From Game of Thrones Themed Items to Harry Potter and Mickey Mouse there is a vast selection of items plus themes.

The Pro To Shopping With Dynamic Design House 

One of the Pros to this shop that I saw right off the bat is their cover image. The Image is filled with happy customers sporting Dynamic Design House Gear. This cover image is so inviting that you cannot help but feel welcome. In having this image up the owners Jeff and Gina let you know their services are legit and something you and your family can enjoy. Another pro that I saw is that their review rating are, 4.5 out of 5 stars and there are also 1015 reviews. No fate shop owner will take the time to do that many reviews.

The next pro to DDH is that they have such a good amount of variety in each category. Their Game of Thrones section has cute onesies, ornaments, adult T-shirts and they do have a great size select as well. It is so great to see a shop that truly has some time variation in each section of their shop. The last Pro to this shop that I feel is a must for any shop is to have clear information about your services. There have been times when I have visited an Etsy shop and the shop information wasn’t very clear on how I will get my item or what was included in my purchase. Ultimately, I decided to leave that shop and go with another shop. As an online shopper you have to look at the shop as a whole and not just the products. If the shop doesn’t look right or feel like its legit you are never obligated to buy, or even ask the owner a question.

The Cons To Shopping With Dynamic Design House 

One of the cons I first noticed about this shop is that it doesn’t have a full page of Game of Throne baby clothing. On Etsy most of the time you’re not going to find a shop that just has one theme because that can hurt their business, so I get why there is more of a variation. I just wish that since they chose such a highly rated book/show they would have more in this section.

Another con I found was that they don’t accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations. But I do like that they tell clients “please contact me if you have any problems with your order”. By having this statement people know they can get help from the seller and that builds trust. The last thing I found was a con is that in some of the previous reviews I read through there seemed to shipping delays. Just like many people in the world I hate shipping delays especially if you’re on a time crunch. But I also advise people if you know your going out of town 2-3 months ahead please try to order at the earliest time. Shopping online means that there are going to be times when your order is delayed.


Dynamic Design House Is a great place to find unique baby clothing gifts, but I wouldn’t say they are the best Game of Thrones baby clothing shop. My main reason for saying this is because the shop doesn’t have many Game of Thrones Clothing for men, women, or children. DDH just didn’t have enough G.O.T wear for me to be able to recommend this shop. I really want to give you guys the ability to have many Game of Throne baby clothing choices. But if you guys still want to check out DDH I will leave a link at the bottom.

Alrighty my fellow Game of Thrones lovers the time has come again for me to say goodbye. I hope I provided you guys with some good information today. Hey maybe I even lead you guys to some good baby shower, or birthday gifts. Till next time you guys I am going back on the hunt for a better Game of Thrones baby store for you guys.

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2 Replies to “Game of Throne Apparel: Dynamic Design House Review”

  1. Hi, Rianna,
    I was surprised to read that they don’t accept returns! What if the outfit doesn’t fit your baby?
    There is a lot of great information here and I enjoyed your review.
    And with being able to contact the seller was a selling point for me.
    That’s if I needed baby clothes. I keep asking for one of my kids to give me a grandbaby lol.
    I will just have to settle for furry grandbabies for the time being 🙂

    I enjoyed reading your review and I look forward to reading more!
    All my best,

    1. Hello Donna,
      Thank you so much reading my review! I am happy to hear you liked my post and the information included. I hope you get your dream of grandbabies soon so your furry grandbabies can have play dates. lol

      Thanks for reading my post I really appreciate it!
      Have a blessed day,

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